Making Missions

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Making Missions for FPArma



Quick Links:

-Bohemia Wiki

Types of Missions


- Talk about Repos
- Platoons structure
- Mission guide lines

Other Ops

-Weekday Ops

Mission Making Basics for 100% Beginners

-Figuring out your idea, Fleshing out the details
-overview of the file structure
-links to good sqf resources
-opening other missions to see
-caching units & Optimization
-setting up briefing
-using pictures in briefing and marker triggers
-Making Loadouts (Picture guide?)
-Making objectives (Multiple Ways)
-Respawn systems and how to set them up (Time Based, Objective Based, Rolling Respawn)
-Difficulty balancing

Using the Template

-link to template
-how to build off of the template

Advanced Mission Making

-Using HC Effectively & Server AI