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The RPG-7 is a portable, reusable, unguided, shoulder-launched, anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

This guide is mainly aimed at the CUP version of the RPG-7, it's ammo and it's sights rather than the RHS or vanilla counterpart, however a lot also applies to the RHS RPG-7


Name Caliber Year Introduced Intended Targets Description
PG-7V 85mm HEAT 1961 Light Vehicles Baseline 85 mm HEAT warhead capable of penetrating 260 mm RHA
PG-7VM 70mm HEAT 1969 Armoured Vehicles Improved 70 mm HEAT warhead capable of penetrating 300 mm RHA
PG-7VL 93mm HEAT 1977 Armoured Vehicles & Fortifications Improved 93 mm HEAT warhead effective against most vehicles and fortified targets.
PG-7VR 64mm HEAT + 105mm OKFOL 1988 Armoured Vehicles Dual 64 mm/105 mm HEAT warhead for defeating modern armored vehicles equipped with reactive armor blocks. The first warhead (64 mm HEAT) detonates the reactive armor block prematurely and the second warhead (105 mm HEAT) passes through the gap to hit the exposed armor underneath.
TPG-7V 105mm Thermobaric 1988 Infantry & Buildings 105 mm Thermobaric warhead for anti-personnel and urban warfare.
OG-7V 40mm HE 1999 Infantry 40 mm Fragmentation warhead for anti-personnel warfare (warhead is within caliber due to limitations of international treaties).

PGO-7 Scopes

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RPG Ammo Range Indicators
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PGO-7V Scope comparison

There are 3 versions of the PGO-7 scope for the RPG-7.

  • PGO-7V
  • PGO-7V2 (Added distance measurements for the PG-7VL Rockets)
  • PGO-7V3 (Added distance measurements for the PG-7VR and TBG-7V Rockets)

Each of those 3 scopes representing a new generation and improvement over the last one.

The PGO-7 scope has a magnification factor of around 2.7.