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Communication and You

Communication is a vital part of the Arma experience, if you don't have a microphone you can still play, but having one is extremely recommended, Either way you still need to hop on Teamspeak so you can hear others.

Local talk is used to talk to those directly around you, this is bound to your Teamspeak Push-To-Talk key. Using the default Tab key you can modify the range at which your voice is heard. Lower ranges are recommended for stealth mission where you only want people directly next to you to hear you. Higher ranges are not recommended.

Radios are used to communicate with your squad and with other squads, they are the best way for command to give orders to your Squad Leader. Radios are useful for sending vital information to people who are out of local talk range.

How they work and Channels
Talking through radio is done by using the Alt + Capslock or Shift + Capslock Each of these will trigger a different one of your radios. Each radio has it's own Channel, You will be on a specific channel based on your squad. Radios have a couple limits, the biggest one being range, each radio is designed to work at a specific range.

Red = Volume | Blue = Channel Select

343 Short Range: 1km <Pictures>

148 Long Range: 5km <Pictures>

152 Long Range: 5km <Pictures>

Trouble Shooting ACRE