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Setting up Swifty & Installing the modpack

Setting up the repository

FPARMA is using several mods that adds new content and enhances the gameplay. The size is quite large so be sure to download it in time and test it out!

If you're having issues with ACRE (radios), try running TS3 and A3 as admin.


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Add a new Repo Button
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Repo Address dialog

We are using Swifty as our repo downloader. Swifty is a simplistic modpack manager aimed to be a solution for communities hosting their own modpacks.

Swifty can be downloaded via this URL: https://getswifty.net/download.html

Download the installer and once opened, click the + sign in the upper right. In the URL, enter http://swifty.fparma.com/

After that Swifty should take care of the rest.

Allowed Clientside Addons

We also allow the below client-side addons.

Troubleshooting Swifty problems

Check that your running the most current version

You can check this by opening Swifty and then clicking on the wrench icon on the top right. The version should be on the bottom left of the popup box.

Finding the Log File

The Logfile can be found under the following path:


This path can be typed into your windows explorer (explorer.exe) in the address bar and then type enter. The text file should now open with the log entries inside.

Clearing the Swifty cache

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Swifty Roaming Folder
  1. Close Swifty
  2. Navigate to "%APPDATA%\Swifty" (See right-side image)
  3. Delete the folders "Cache" and "Temp"
  4. Start Swifty
  5. Check for Updates

Swifty says "Failed to download files"

Sometimes Swifty has a hard time downloading files, you may have to delete the folders it's updating and fully re-download those folders.

"I get kicked from the server for missing files"

  1. Make sure you are using the launch/join option on Swifty, unless
  2. Verify that the location in which you have told Swifty that Arma is, is correct
  3. Check to make sure Swifty has downloaded everything, sometimes it takes a couple tries.