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This Page describes the various methods of Logistics that are available to the members of FPArma.

Some of these Logistics capabilities require the use of special scripts added in the mission itself.

Gear Cargo (Vanilla)

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Example Loadout

While the Vehicle Inventory is pretty much known by every player, it's often underused in many situations.

If possible you should always stock your vehicle inventory with important gear before you move out.

Examples of gear that are useful in different situations:

  • Medical Items such as Bandages, Epinephrine, Morphine and Bloodbags
  • AT Launchers, in care you encounter enemy armour.
  • Toolkit, allows for partial field-repair on the vehicle.
  • Spare Wheels (ACE Cargo), spare wheels are useful since vehicle wheels on light vehicles are prone to being destroyed quite easily.
  • Entrenching tool, in case you have to fortify your position and natural cover is lacking.
  • Defusal Kit, in case you encounter enemy mines or IED's.
  • Wirecutter, for cutting fences if you don't wanna risk damaging the vehicle and it's tires.
  • Spare Weapons and Ammo, in case you run out of ammo in the Area of Operation. bringing a medium machine gun along is also beneficial if there's a sudden need of suppressive firepower.
  • Spare explosives and a clacker, in case the vehicle has been disabled and needs to be destroyed in order to not let it fall into enemy hands or to clear obstacles.

Cargo (ACE)

ACE Comes with a feature called "ACE Cargo", which lets you store certain objects like Static Emplacements (Static Launchers, Machine guns, AA Turrets, Mortars) and utility items like Ammoboxes and Spare Wheels/Tracks inside the Cargohold of the vehicle.

Arbitary Objects in ACE Cargo (Developer/Mission Maker)

This category is directed towards mission makers to explain how to make any arbitary object in Arma storable within the ACE Cargo system.

The code snippet below allows the mission maker to Add Dragging / Carrying and ACE Cargo functionality to an object with the variable "_object".

[_object, true, 1] call ace_cargo_fnc_makeLoadable;
[_object, true, [0,3,1], 0] call ace_dragging_fnc_setCarryable;
[_object, true, [0,3,0], 0] call ace_dragging_fnc_setDraggable;

Documentation and reference for all 3 commands:

Cargo ViV (Vanilla)

Official Wiki URL: BI Wiki

Vehicle-in-Vehicle is a dynamic vehicle transport system implemented by Bohemia Interactive and with several Vehicles from Vanilla and CUP imlementing it.

The following vehicles are among the ones having a Vehicle-in-Vehicle implementation:

  • Chinook HC-4 (CUP)
  • Merlin HC3 (CUP)
  • C-130J (CUP)
  • CH-53G Super Stallion (CUP)
  • Mi-17 (CUP)
  • Mi-6A Hook (CUP)
  • CH-47F (CUP)
  • MV-22B Osprey (CUP)
  • V-44 X Blackfish (Vanilla)

Video example:

Dragging & Carrying (ACE)

Many Static weapons and ammoboxes implment the ACE Dragging and ACE Carrying.

Dragging and Carrying both depend on the weight of the Object and one or both may not be available when the object is too heavy. Inventory weight also counts to this, so an empty ammobox can be both dragged and carried for example, while a filled ammobox can either only be dragged or not be moved at all (Has to be moved by a vehicle).

How to Use

  1. Go up to an ammo box or a static emplacement such as a static MG.
  2. Press and hold the ACE Interaction Key (Not Self-Interact) while looking at the Object
  3. An Interaction point should show up somewhere on the model. Navigate over it with your crosshair / mouse cursor
  4. An Option to Drag Object, Carry Object or both should popup. Choose the one you want.

Slingloading (External Script)

Most commonly known as "Advanced Slingloading", this is a custom script that implements a more customizable implementation of the Slingloading functionality of Arma3, even allowing to list any kind of Object and Vehicle in the game.

It provides the following functionality compared to the standard Slingloading of Arma3:

  • Lift any vehicle or object regardless if the mod Supports slingloading
  • Any Helicopter can use Slingloading as long as the weight and lift of the helo supports it.
  • Can list up to 3 objects at the same time (Requires a big helicopter) (Warning, lifting multiple objects can be very dangerous due to physics and collisions. Be careful!)
  • Can adjust the length of the ropes of each lifted object.


  1. This is a script that has to be manually implemented by the mission maker.
  2. The Script is using ACE Self interact and not ACE Interact!

Video example:

Rearming (ACE)

ACE Rearming is a functionality which replaces the Vanilla Vehicle rearming functionality within Arma3.

ACE Rearming consists out of the functionality to take out boxes of ammo from either an Ammo Truck, Vehicle Ammo Box or a Huron Ammo Container. In order to take out an ammo box, you have to park a vehicle (Which you wanna re-ammo) next to the Ammo Truck. An ACE Interaction shows up on the Ammo Vehicle from which you can either choose the Ammo you wanna take out or re-Ammo the entire vehicle (Depends on the ACE Settings chosen by the mission maker).

There are 3 levels of ACE Rearm settings the mission maker can choose for his mission:

  • Caliber based Rearming
  • Magazine based Reaming
  • Whole Vehicle Rearming

With the Caliber based rearming, you take out single Tank shells or ammo belts for example rather than whole magazines (Technical CfgMagazines, not literal magazines). The downside to this method is mod compatibility due to requiring a custom property for each weapon/magazine which may not exist on all community vehicle weapons.

With the Magazine based Rearming, you rearm the vehicle with a whole magazine at a time (CfgMagazines), which means instead of taking out a single tank shell for example, you take out an entire stack (~12-24 rounds depending on the vehicle). This is a fair middle ground and very safe compatibility wise.

With Whole Vehicle rearming, you rearm every weapon on the vehicle at once with a single action. This is the most simple, fastest and vanilla-like behavior but provides far less immersion and engagement compared to the former 2 settings.

Video example:

Repairing (ACE)

ACE Repairing is a functionality which replaces the Vanilla Vehicle Repairing functionality within Arma3.

The toolkit lets you partially repair a vehicle to various degrees depending on the ACE Settings, while the repair truck and designated ACE Repair zones allow for full repair. Who can repair how much greatly depends on the ACE Settings. By Default only Designated Engineers can partially repair vehicles, and only designated repair zones (Not Vehicles) can be used to fully repair Vehicles.

Video example:

Refueling (ACE)

ACE Refueling is a functionality which replaces the Vanilla Vehicle Refueling functionality within Arma3.

With this, instead of simply parking next to a refuel vehicle, the steps to refueling include taking out a fuel nozzle from the Fuel pump or vehicle and attach it to the vehicle you want to refuel.

Video example: