Using Medical

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Basic Medical

Stop letting your friends die while laying face down in the mud.

ACE Basic Medical
To heal players you can use your ACE interact key (Default: Windows Key), You can also go into your ACE Options and activate the Medical Menu (Recommended)

Bandages are used to heal any wounded body part. Sometimes multiple bandages are needed. You need a bandage for every individual wound.

The white flashing on your screen is pain, use morphine to cure this.

Epinephrine "Epi Last!"
Epinephrine is used to bring downed players back into consciousness. If the player has lost too much blood, they are prone to go down again. They could even fully die if they are brought back if they've taken too much damage before getting healed.

Blood bags are used to refill player's blood. They come in different volume bags. Depending on the mission, only a Medic role will be able to administer blood.