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ACE Medical
So you want to learn how to use ACE medical the FPARMA way? The new ACE medical giving you more assfuckery than a night in Dubai? Stay a while and listen to Lyn's steps to success:

Taking care of Yourself: Someone shot me!

ACE Medical Menu

1) Press H - this brings up your ACE medical menu
2) Make sure you're interacting with yourself, this can be changed with the icon on the right of the bar. Your name should be on the top left
3) Click on any injured part of yourself (the colour of the body part will range from pale yellow - orange/red)
4) Click on the little rectangle/broken bone (Bandage/Fractures)
5) Bandage everything up
5a) If one limb is particularly fucked up, you may wish to apply a Tourniquet to prevent you losing more blood than is necessary
6) If you are in pain, click on your arm or leg and click on the pill bottle icon (Medication)
6a) If you are in severe pain, give yourself 2 shots of morphine
6b) If you are in pain or mild pain, give yourself 1 shot of morphine
7) You may end up with blue parts afterwards with bruises - this is normal and can be safely ignored
8) If you are lacking blood, or have run out of medical supplies, please find your local medic as soon as possible and whine at them until they can fix you up

A happy patient

Taking care of Someone Else: Basic Triage
1) Oh no, your friend went down! Get close to them and press H to bring up their medical menu
1a) Get them into cover - hold windows key and ACE drag or carry them (drag is faster, make sure you are not in combat pace (shift c) or you will get stuck
1b) If you cannot drag or carry, they're dead Jim, move on
2) Click on the magnifying glass + person icon (Examine Patient)
3) Check their pulse 4) Oh no, they have no heart rate
5) First thing's first, click on their chest and then the heartbeat icon (Advanced Treatment)
6) Start performing CPR
7) Keep checking their pulse after you perform CPR
8) Once you have a heartbeat, click on each of the injured areas (which will turn yellow-orange-red) depending on how damaged they are and bandage them up
9) If they require blood, click on their arm and go back to Advanced Treatments.
9a) If they have lost a fatal amount of blood, put at least 2000ml of blood into them
9b) If they have lost a lot of blood, put 1000ml into them
9c) If they have lost some blood, put 500ml into them
9d) If they have lost a little blood, put 250ml into them or tell them to walk it off
10) If they have not yet woken up, click on their arm or leg and click on the pill bottle icon (Medication)
11) Give them a shot of Epinephrine.
12) Once someone is only missing some or a little blood and is otherwised bandaged up and stable, they should soon wake up.
13) If they are in pain, click on their arm or leg and click on the pill bottle icon (Medication)
13a) If they are in severe pain, give them 2 shots of morphine
13b) If they are in pain or mild pain, give them 1 shot of morphine
14) If you have time and the patient is stable, with only some or blood, you can click on their chest and go into Advanced Treatments and select the Personal Aid Kit. This will take some time to perform but will completely clear up any lingering medical conditions, including bruises, as well as restoring some blood.

Taking care of Someone Else: Holy shit they are fucked up but still alive somehow

1) Prioritise prioritise prioritise: try to get someone else to help you ASAP
2) Click on their injured limbs and go to the Bandage/Fractures tab
3) Tourniquet all bleeding limbs
4) If they have lost a lot or a fatal amount of blood, get an IV of 1000ml of blood into them ASAP
5) Bandage the head and chest
6) Bandage the limbs
7) Remove tourniquets
8) Check pulse - they are probably in cardiac arrest
9) Perform CPR and check pulse
10) Once their heart is beating, give them a shot of epinephrine
11) Proceed with basic triage actions once they wake up

What a typical medic's backpack might look like (plus tourniquets)