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* [[About_FPArma|What FPArma is about]]
* [[About_FPArma|What FPArma is about]]
* [[Setting up your game (Using Swifty)]]
* [[Swifty|Setting up your game (Using Swifty)]]
* [[Using Medical]]
* [[Using Medical]]
* [[Radios & Communication]]
* [[Radios & Communication]]

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Welcome to the FPArma Wiki.

This wiki is still slowly being set up but you can check out the categories and articles already.

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Weapon Systems Gear Concepts Troubleshooting & Help Development
RPG-7 Stadiametric rangefinding Swifty PBO Files & Structure
FGM-148 Javelin Mines and Explosives Arma3 Performance Binary Mission Issues
ACRE Radios


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